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changing your lifestyle diet with new recipes!

There are many websites that offer excellent recipes for a healthy lifestyle on the internet. I use a few that have been very reliable throughout the past five years. I will post the links on this page so you can visit them.
I've taken some recipes from each of the sites I use to add to this website to get you started. Sometimes you may choose to make something different on the spur of the moment. These recipes will help you get started.
Healthy cooking for a healthy lifestyle diet is sometimes difficult when you're not used to cooking in a "healthy" manner. Eventually you will see that food can taste good without all the butter, unhealthy food choices and you will begin to see that your taste buds come alive with the natural tastes of the healthier foods you are beginning to cook!

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Website suggestions on the Internet for healthy cooking:

FoodFit.com: This site not only has recipes, it has a fitness group you can join as well as many articles on exercise, nutrition & living healthy! You can try one of their recipes by going to the Arugula page!

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